International Airports Mural


Aboriginal murals for Darwin and Sydney International Airports 
Darwin International Airport artist: Bardayal Nadjamerrek (Lofty) from Oenpelli Arnhem Land.     Size; 3m x11m
Transcribed by David Humphries, Rodney Monk. 1991

Sydney International Airport Arrivals Hall.  Size: 3m x 8m
Artist: Bede Tungatalum (Tiwi artist, Bathurst Island)
Transcribed by David Humphries, Ashley Taylor. 1992

Mural productions Public Art Squad
Commissioned by The Federal Airports Corporation  

The FAC Art Advisor commissioned Public Art Squad because of their large-scale mural work and their experience of working with indigenous artists in translating their work into other mediums. They worked closely with the two eminent indigenous artists to ensure the integrity of the designs when translated to large mural panels.