In Time With The River


Steel Park Community Sports Centre Marrickville – Terrazzo Art Floor 
Artist David Humphries

The design symbolically represents the importance of the river to the region.

Medium/materials: - decorative terrazzo with inlays of mirrored back glass and themed decorative inserts in terrazzo, bronze and marble; set in polished concrete floor.

Concept: Sectional Maps of the river relating to the area of Steel Park.Over the last 200 years of colonial settlement, the river has been subjected to radical changes. Historically, indigenous inhabitants relied on the river as a source of food, water and as a means of transport.  Early colonial settlers farmed, and later developed sandstone quarries in the region and in time it grew to become an industrial zone.

At the turn of the century the ignorance of settlers led to the significant deterioration of land in general and the river in particular. Destruction and degradation of the surrounding area negatively impacted on the river and its arterial flow.

This enduring neglect had led to a polluted and unusable space. Essentially the river died!
As of 1976 interested parties established, endorsed, and implemented an ecological program to rejuvenate the river.
A focused structure was put into place.  Ecology, vegetation, hydrology, geology and soil, water and bird life – were finally comprehensively considered.  Land sustainability became a firm objective.

Note: in modern times the region evolved from industrial to residential.The result: recreational parkland and marine life have emerged due to thoughtful environmental landscaping and sound ecological breeding.The regeneration of the river is far from complete: it remains a work in progress. Vigilance in regard to environmental responsibility remains a clear objective.


Commissioned by Marrickville Council 2003