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David Humphires CV - 2007

story Erica Watson

Financial Review
19 January 2007
Page 1 of 2
Eyesore no more - Developors see value in
Public Art Commissions
feature story by Tina Perinotto

Financial Review
Page 2 of 2
Eyesore no more - Developors see value in
Public Art Commissions
Feature story by Tina Perinotto

Sydney Morning Herald - July 5-6 2003
Off the wall, then on: peace's new colourful life '
Feature story Sean Nicolls

Craft Arts- Sept/Nov 1988
Decorative terrazzo
6 pages story by Robyn Tudor

Crafts Arts - Issue 5 1989
Art in the Streets
9 page story by Robyn Tudor

Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia - issue 04 2007
The Public Domain- 3 page story on Bourke St Mall

Tamwoth Newspaper story 30-10-06

Lino Magazine issue No 4 2004
The Peace Wall
3 pages

Reinstatement of Peace Justice & Unity Mural in Sydney's CBD 2003

3 page

Sydney Morning Herald -1 April 1999
Floored Genius
Feature by Helen Greenwood

Lino issue 18 - 2007
Nose to the Grindstone
3 page feature on Bourke St Mall

Pol Oxygen
Zandras floor: Fashion & Textile Museum London

Seeing Australia -Views of Artists and Artwriters
By Graeme Sullivan 1994

The Power of Public Art David Humphries

4 pages

Moomba A Festival for the People
by Craig Bellamy
Published by the City of Melbourne 2006
cover: David Humphries Neon Arch

Lino magazine
Issue 1 2003
article "One Man Band"
8 pages 

Sydney Morning Herald
April 1 1999, Domain feature.
Floored Genius.

Lino magazine
Issue 2 2003
article on Zandra's Fashion & Textile Museum
"There ain't nothing like a Dame"
6 pages

Corporate and Public Art Visionary
Craft Arts International no. 41 1997-98.
6 page article detailing David's public
and corporate works

Sign for The Dream
Craft Arts International no. 51 2001.
3 page article detailing the development of
the Olympic Pathway Celebration pathway
Darling Harbour

Theatrical Architecture in Del Mar
Craft Arts International no. 48 2000.
3 page article of the David &
Zandra Rhodes collaboriations
The Mural Manual
A guide to community murals in Australia, 1982.
Written & Compiled by David & Rodney Monk.
Published by thr Arts Council NSW
Indesign magazine May 2003
"Pointing the Way"
An article on The Maritime Museum entrance,
Indesign magazine August 2007
"The Pavement Sparkles"
An article on Bourke Street Mall - Melbourne