Skygarden Mosaics


Skygarden - retail development CBD Sydney
Decorative Arts Program: directed by David Humphries -Public Art Squad
Mosaic Production: Melbourne Mural Studios - Wood inlay Peter Heimstra
Developer: Merlin International Properties 1990 

Public Art Squad created the visual symbols to give Skygarden an enduring quality for generations to enjoy. The attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship make it a unique and important contribution to the built environment of Sydney. 

To achieve this Public Art Squad collaborated with a wide range of artisans and specialist studios in the realization of their designs. The mosaic features for Skygarden were interpreted in glass mosaic. Two tons of hand cut glass mosaic was imported from the famous Orsoni workshops in Venice for the Melbourne Mural Studios to create the exquisite mosaics.
The close dialogue between the two studios interpreting the designs into mosaic was so inspired that it has continued onto further collaborations.
Wood mosaic produced in Public Art Squad's studio by Peter Heimstra. Australian floral design motifs were interpreted in wood inlay flooring, using recycled Australian timbers.