Skygarden CBD Sydney
Design Public Art SquadMosaic Production: Melbourne Mural Studios
Developer: Merlin International Properties 1990

Mosaic: a form of art in which pictures or patterns are produced by joining together small pieces of stone, glass etc, 

'I find it fascinating that Humphries is as equally obsessed with detail as he is with large scale. Even more interesting to me is that he has of late consciously chosen to work with an amalgam of bits, chips, alloys and fragments, which are sprinkled, spiced and painstakingly seasoned into a beautiful mosaic in order to make some sense of himself and the world he now inhabits.                                   Sharyn Rosenberg LINO 2003

David Humphries explores many ways to make Mosaics. The inspirational experiences gained on his travels have given him a wide range of approaches for making mosaics.
Gaudi's works in Barcelona, the floors of St Marco in Venice, the delicate precision of the Islamic. Pebbled mosaics, folk art and particularly Palladiana and stone inlays all have had a strong influence in the style of work he creates.
He is fascinated with the materials, where they come from, how they are made, and their cultural significance. 

''I will never forget visiting the famous Orsoni Mosaici in Venice. Two tons of their cut glass tiles were used in the mosaics for Skygarden. The place was so rich in atmosphere and patina. The Orsoni family had been producing this gorgeous mosaic glass for over a hundred years in the same workshops. It was inspiring to see such love of the materials and their dedication to excellence. They are real artists. It enforced in me a real respect for the materials used in the making of mosaics. Every bit is very precious, I couldn't waste it. I was inspired to recycle every little scrap and by so doing I discovered new and innovative ways of expanding my vocabulary.
I try to recycle everything. Marble and terrazzo off cuts make up a large part of my stock in trade.'' 

From this he has developed a unique way of working, often incorporating mosaic elements into and with terrazzo.  

We make a wide range of decorative components; designs are water jet cut in marble, onyx, terrazzo and glass, cast bronze and resin, cut shells. Sand blasted infill and pre cast shapes using foam templates are incorporated into terrazzo, and as such they become a loose form of mosaic with our own distinctive style.

Lilly Pond Mosaics 1991
Mosaic Memorial - Hydro Therapy Centre , AnglicanRetirementVillage, Castle Hill Sydney

Minto House NSW
Private Commission.

Balmoral Beach
Pavement Mosaics Mosman NSW
Commissioned by Mosman Council 2000Marble Mosaic 1999

La Meridian Hotel
New Caledonia 1993
Commissioned by Chhada Siembieda Design, Sydney

Palladiana Style
Examples of  palladiana style mosaics by David HumphriesMosaic



Examples of terrazzo - mosiac inlays by David Humphries






Sir Kingsford Smith
Mosaic Portrait