Redfern Mural


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Think Globally Act Locally - community mural Redfern 1984
Artist Team : David Humphries,
Rodney Monk, Ashley Taylor & Zig Moskwa
Commissioned by Sydney City Council
Awarded the Sir John Sulman Prize 1985 

The 1985 award of the 'Sir John Sulman Prize' conferred by the Art Gallery of NSW on Public Art Squad for the mural Think Globally, Act Locally, Redfern, represents artistic recognition of the highest order.
Art in the streets, of and for the people, and the alternative quest for a broader artistic relevance has been recognized and accredited by the art establishment.  

Painted on the side of a dilapidated housing tenement block, in the then fringe inner city suburb of Redfern the mural rejuvenated the adjacent pocket park and the immediate neighborhood and was part of the councils urban renewal program.  

The artist team drew upon local architectural and environmental references for the basis of their design, incorporating the scars of the demolished adjoining property along with grander local architecture. Images of familiar local characters, many of whom used the park on a regular basis, were incorporated into the design.