Oil Tank Mural


OIL TANK mural La Perouse 1978/79
A training project directed by David Humphries. Project artist Rodney Monk
for the La Perouse Holiday Centre.
size 25m x 125m
A local community group decided an eyesore oil tank dominating their cemetery and local primary school could be turned into a beautiful object. 

This is a highly visible mural in scale with its industrial landscape, depicting colourful historical features such as Botany Bay landmarks(the Chinese market gardens, old tram ways and various marine symbols) and the sailing ship of the French explorer from whom La Perouse drew its name. The mural is sited in front of the local primary school and in full view of surrounding suburbs. Never before in Australia had a work of such scale been attempted by a community group working in association with industry and professional artists. The group surveyed 400 houses in view of the mural for input and approval .The design was approved at a public meeting before it was executed. The actual painting of the mural took 10 days and involved more than 60 people and refinery personnel .It was done as a holiday activity for a local community group, many of whom were unemployed