Lap Pool


Lap Pool Sculptural Installation 2000
Artist: David Humphries
Architects Private Residence Sydney

David Humphries was commissioned to incorporate artworks into the indoor pool -spa workout space of this contemporary house in Vaucluse, Sydney.

His hanging sculptural installation, of a shoal of fish, made of cutout Perspex, with refractive cell hung over the 22.5 meter x 2 meter waveless lap pool.
Spot lighting, or the sunlight coming through the glass wall to the garden, highlighted the refractive cell and filled the room with dazzling rainbow patterns. Shadows of the fish on the adjacent brushed stainless steel wall created the illusion of depth.
The work in a magical and kinetic way, enlivened what otherwise could have been an austerely albeit beautiful, mosaic tiled environment, into a fun recreational space in a family home.