Clunes Ross Centre QLD


Queeensland Clunies Ross Centre for Science and Industry Brisbane,Queensland
ntrance lobby
In situ Apoxy Terrazzo with waterjet cut marble inlay. 3.5 m x 12.8m
Architect Bligh Voller Neild 1997
Commissioned by the Department of Business, Industry, and Tourism Queensland Government. 

A high-tech installation in the Clunies Ross Centre for Science and Industry located Brisbane, Queensland,Australia. 

A computer -generated image, it comprises seven circular shapes floating, free falling, ,in a dark spatial void. A familiar grouping, they seem to bounce lightly across the floor of the building's two - story conference lobby. Made from marble imported from Brazil,China and Italy, the shapes were precision cut with water jets, laid in a resin-based terrazzo, ground back and polished. 

A design tour de forcethe work is futuristically inspired, created to give vital expression to the application of science and technology within the industry profile of the complex.