The Glasshouse


The Glasshouse Wall Mural - Pitt St Mall CBD Sydney - 1996
Size 7.5m x 7 m
Prefabricated terrazzo panels with resin, mirrored glass and marble inlay
Commissioned by Kumagai Australia  
Architect: David Fleeting / Bligh Voller

 Not limited to floor applications for terrazzo, Humphries has employed this medium to walls in the form of pre cast panels. His feature wall for the Glasshouse refurbishment, in Sydney's CBD, demonstrates his skill in creating a three - story terrazzo masterpiece. Now the centerpiece in the centre's food court gallery, it is a superb sculptural installation comprising of 114 terrazzo slabs, each 1m x 700m wide prefabricated in the factory and installed on site
The terrazzo panels contain many mirror backed glass stars and glass shapes that refract light and give the wall a sparkle.
Hundreds of colourful resin stars and shapes were cast in Public Art Squad's studio - a new innovation, especially for the job
The terrazzo has rhythms of colour and a wide variety of decorative stones and marble. It is rich smooth and shiny, and gives a spacious feeling to the environment.
Central to the composition is a glass planet by Warren Langley of Ozone glass. Mounted slightly raised from the wall surface, it is back illuminated, creating a glowing effect.
The mirrored wave shapes are similarly mounted increasing the three dimensional quality of the installation.