The Olympic Pathway


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The Olympic Journey Celebration Pathway 'Sign for the Dream'
Prefabricated terrazzo discs - in situ mosaic / terrazzo by David Humphries.
In front of Convention Centre South - Darling Harbour Sydney 1999
Commissioned by AMP Olympic Marketing 

When AMP, as an Olympic sponsor, wanted to create something that would express the way ordinary Australians felt about Sydney hosting the 2000 Olympic Games, Humphries was the perfect choice to fulfill the brief. His understanding of the processes and mechanisms that inspire public participation resulted in Sign for the Dream ' an extraordinary concept composed of the marks made by the hands of 25,000 Australians. It records cultural diversity and symbolises unity.

The Olympic Journey Celebration Pathway - "Sign for the Dream" is a 36-metre snake like terrazzo and marble mosaic pathway sited on the lawn in front of Convention Centre South at Sydney's Darling Harbour. 

AMP commissioned David Humphries to devise and create an innovative Community Arts Project to celebrate the Olympic Journey parades across Australia
It was designed to give families from the 22 cities and towns visited the opportunity to participate. At every place hundreds of people queued to leave their mark in history.
Over 25,000 family names have been immortalized, etched into 23 marbled terrazzo discs, a permanent representation of the support and good wishes of Australians for the Olympics.