St Mary's Cathedral - Sydney


St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney - Presbytery centercourt floors, Reception Hall of Cardinals House 1991
'Think Globally' designed by David Humphries
Overall size: 470 sq meters incorporating three pre fabricated terrazzo circles - Central image of Planet Earth (5m diameter), Sun Symbol (1.7 diameter) Water Symbol (2.4 diameter) placed into and in situ terrazzo
Architects Kevin Curtin & Partners
Commissioned by St Mary's Cathedral  

One of the world's most beautiful terrazzo works lies in the Crypt of St Mary's Cathedral Peter Melocco's terrazzo masterpiece made in 1945/48
In 1972 it received international recognition - the National Mosaic and Terrazzo Association of American gave it an award 'for superior craftsmanship accomplished in the execution of terrazzo work in religious buildings'.
Peter Melocco sponsored to Australia the highest caliber terrazzo artisans to work with him, They stayed, and became the foundation of the terrazzo industry in Australia today, 

Humphries, when Artistic Director for Darling Harbours Harbourside Festival Marketplace development , was so inspired by Melocco's work and the legacy of such skilled artisans he  set about to develop a program of decorative terrazzo artfloors in the new development,.

 He realized that to design for terrazzo you needed to understand the medium and the best way to learn was to work alongside the masters. Contracts on the scale of Harbourside and subsequently Skygarden, gave the terrazzo industry the incentive to allow Public Art Squad Studio access to learn and experiment in the factory and on the job. The artist's innovations combined with the age old skills of the terrazzo workers has subsequently revolutionized the industry.

 Melocco's work with the Cathedral established an understanding of how suitable and versatile terrazzo was in the hands of an artist. When the Cardinals House complex was built adjacent to the Cathedral it presented an opportunity to continue the tradition of terrazzo art floors for this contemporary building.

 David Humphries concept for the floor not only addressed the spacial relationship of the architecture, his design ''Think Globally 'with a Sun symbol in the entrance, a Water symbol at the base of the stairs in the hallway, and Planet Earth, as seen from space, and placed in the two story void under the pyramid skylight of the main Reception Hall, addressed the essence of the spirit in a contemporary way.

 A member of the Cathedral's board was so inspired by this 'creation' concept that he donated the funds for the work.