Robina Town Centre QLD


RobinaTown Centre Development - Gold Coast, Queensland,Australia
Two largescale outdoor in situ  terrazzo plazas
Sited in the town square (12.5m diameter) 1996 and the lakeside ampitheatre (19 m diameter) 1997
Concept Architect: The Jerde Partnership LA - Site Architect: Cameron Chisholm Nichol, Landscape Architects EDAW  

In the tradition of the luxuriant floor mosaics of Ancient Rome. Humphries was commissioned to create two highly decorative in situ terrazzo artworks in the spacious plazas for the $360 million Robina Town Centre development on Queensland's CoastCoast. 

Through their grandeur and presence, these works add substantial cultural context to the retail complex. The terrazzo mosaics have been carefully integrated into the sprawling complex designed by the Jerde Partnership. 

The first, entitled Think Globally, is located in the centre of the town square and is based on a motif of Earth as seen from space. Long liquid lines of swirling creams and blues describe fluffy cloud patterns and strips of sea beneath. A cosmic piece, organic plays of line intriguingly allude to the rotational energy of the planet's physical form. 

The second entitled Life Force, in the Lakeside Celebration Place is positioned lower on the site to the town centre, adjacent to the still waters of the lake. The central image is a radiant sun with long flamelike fingers that take a wavelike serpentine form reaching out to the nearby buildings and gardens in a welcoming gesture.  

Inspired examples of paving, both plazas are major focal points for the surrounding  architecture, which is  vitalized by the  energy that radiates outwards from the terrazzo, linking them seamlessly to their surrounds.