Campbelltown Catholic Club


Campbelltown Catholic Club, Campbelltown, NSW, Australia
Main Lobby and bistro floors - Terrazzo with marble and glass inlay.
Total size: 400sqm
In situ terrazzo by David Humphries 1993
Architects: Robert Perry, Scott Carver Architects

The $15 million Campbelltown Catholic Club with clientele in excess of 80,000 people per month commissioned David Humphries to create the main entrance foyer floor leading into the bistro and dining rooms.

The architect, Robert Perry, described in an article in the Sydney Morning Herald the creation of the terrazzo floor being, "an act of faith on the Club's part. People don't know why they like it -most people don't know anything about art, but subliminally they can feel it's important. It was a good thing to do in Campbelltown.."

The terrazzo floor contributes to the identity of the building, creating a sense of space and continues to delight patrons. It uniqueness takes it beyond fashion or 'off the shelf' floor treatments.  Robert Perry observed David "spending three weeks on his hands and knees, virtually painting with the coloured cement and marble chips. It was done in layers and then ground back and polished in one go."

The Club is currently extending and refurbishing, but the much loved terrazzo artfloor will be expanded as its uniqueness has proven to be impervious to changes in fashion. When the client takes into account the long-term value of something that is not only beautiful but never needs replacing, it is cost effective.