Harbourside - Sydney


Harbourside Festival Market Place,Darling Harbour, Sydney 1987/88
As part of the decorative arts program for Harbourside David Humphries curated a series of commissions to be interpreted as in situ terrazzo artworks for the building.
Architect: Robert Perry, Architecture Oceania. Developer; Merlin International Properties

Harbourside Festival Marketplace, located in Darling Harbour was a new showpiece development for Sydney's Bicentennial year.
It contained, and this is what makes it distinctive, one of the most exciting collections of original art and craft works ever assembled in Australia.

 The project saw for the first time terrazzo artworks specifically designed and thematically integrated into a commercial shopping precinct. The result was a collection of unique terrazzo floor works that challenge preconceptions and set new creative standards for this utilitarian medium.

 David Humphries as Director of Decorative Arts for Harbourside curated this exciting collection of designs by such notable Australian artists as: Bruce Goold, Ziggy Moskwa, Rodney Monk, Susan Holman, Aboriginal artists Banduk Marika and Thancoupie as well as collaborative designs developed in the studio by the Public Arts Squad's core creative team.

 PAS worked closely with the terrazzo installers to ensure the integrity of the original designs. This often involved developing new and innovative processes to execute the work.  For example, the development of polystyrene templates has revolutionalised techniques for terrazzo production.
All templates and decorative components were made by Public Art Squad studios, which also supervised on site installation.

A further work 'Think Globally Edition 2' at Harbourside's northern plaza entrance was installed in 1993. Designed and produced by David Humphries it incorporated Zandra Rhodes' famous squiggle pattern as background to the Planet icon.